Best Ever Pie Crust
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Everyone loves pies! And today I am going to teach you a simple way to bake a crunchy and delicious pie crust so that your dessert is nothing less that perfection.
  • All Purpose Flour (maida), 3 cups
  • Caster Sugar, 6 tablespoons
  • Salt, ½ teaspoon
  • Chilled Butter, 1 cup (cubed)
  • Chilled Water, ½ cup
  1. In a bowl, mix together flour, caster sugar and salt.
  2. Best Ever Pie Crust
  3. Next, add in the chilled butter cubes. Make sure the butter is really chilled, this helps in getting a flaky crust. Now, start rubbing the butter through the flour mix using the tips of your fingers. This will take a bit of work especially when the butter is cold but is very essential.
  4. Best Ever Pie Crust
  5. Once you've achieved a grainy mixture of butter and flour add in the chilled water little by little only until you form a dough. You may not need all of the water so add in a little and then knead a bit to see if you need more.
  6. Best Ever Pie Crust
  7. Knead dough lightly on a floured surface until you form a nice smooth dough. Shape it in the form of a disc and wrap it in cling film.
  8. Best Ever Pie Crust
  9. Best Ever Pie Crust
  10. Best Ever Pie Crust
  11. Refrigerate it for at least an hour before using. Your dough will be ready to use as the recipe demands.
  12. You can keep this dough frozen for a few months. Just defrost it overnight and use the next day as directed.
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